Myths that create the wrong impact of medical termination

Myths that create the wrong impact of medical termination

Myths that create the wrong impact of medical termination

Medical abortion has always been a concern for women due to many of the false beliefs that are been spread in societies. The truth is medical termination is been performed using the combination pills and also this is one of the effective methods which helps you terminate the unplanned pregnancy.

There are many of the myths that you can come across but these myths need to be debunked and women must be educated regarding the abortion pills. These abortion pills help you to maintain the privacy of the termination.

Following are the myths that are to be debunked:

Abortion has long-term side effects:

Abortion usually is done with the help of pills and no other instrument is been inserted in your body. This termination pills result in bleeding, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and headache which are not permanent. These side effects do not have a long-term impact and can be easily cured with the help of primary medicines. These medicines do not have any such effect that can stay with you for a long time.

It makes you infertile:

This myth can be heard by you every time and everyone. But these pills are the one which only helps you terminate the pregnancy. This is a completely safe process which doesn’t even cause you internal injury and hence this process cannot have any negative effect or affect your future pregnancies.

It can be done in a hospital:

To have a medical abortion you do not need to visit hospitals. Medical termination allows you to conduct the whole process at home. You just need to buy abortion pills and can proceed with the whole process as per the instructions. The pills also do arrive at your doorstep and you need not move anywhere from your place. The only time when you require to visit the clinic is to have an ultrasound.

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Vitamin C pills lead to termination:

There is lots of information on the internet where you can find that vitamin C can help you terminate the pregnancy. This is wrong as the excessive amount of vitamin C can have an adverse impact on health.

It can be fatal:

Medical termination has been never hazardous to life in any manner. There are no cases wherein death has been reported due to medical abortion. Medical terminations do not lead to any fatal issues to the user.

Can indulge in unprotected sex:

Medical termination of pregnancy can get completed within 2 weeks and you can even recover soon after the abortion. As per the medical expert indulging in sexual activity immediately after having a medical termination can lead to another pregnancy.

There are certain instructions which women need to follow and following such instructions can help women to have a safe termination. Myths are just the belief of mind and ever myth has some scientific reason behind it. Educating yourself regarding the medical process and performing it the way it is mentioned is only the best way which can make the myths of termination to stand false.
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