Pregnancy Calculator

How to calculate your pregnancy days through the pregnancy calculator?

How many days old exactly is my pregnancy?

  • It is difficult to know the exact days of your gestation as there is no clock set to show it, but the approximate days can be known by calculating your LMC (last menstrual cycle). If you have made up your mind for an abortion with the abortion pills you should be in your first trimester i.e upto 12 weeks.  And this is how you calculate your gestation period.

How to calculate pregnancy?

  • One should recall the first day of your last menses or when did your last period start. If you ae able to figure out the exact date then your first day of your LMC will be calculated as day 1 of your gestation.
Pregnancy Calculator

What if I don’t remember the first day of my last menstrual cycle?

  • If you don’t remember the first day of your LMC (last menstrual cycle) then get an ultrasound done to confirm the gestation period. This will also help you confirm if the pregnancy is ectopic.

Are there any other methods of calculating the pregnancy?

  • The other method is the ovulation date calculation system where most women prefer to calculate from their ovulation period which is normally 2 weeks after the first day of last menstrual cycle. This gives an estimated pregnancy time.

What is the meaning of trimester?

  • You need to know that a trimester is nothing but three months of your pregnancy or 12 weeks. A normal pregnancy is generally of 9 months which is divided into 3 month slots. The first trimester is of first three months i.e. 12 days. 2nd trimester starts from the 13th week to the end of the 24th week and after this starts the third trimester which starts from the 25th week of the 36th week till the end of the 9 months or till the child birth