Comparison of Medical Abortion with Surgical / Clinical Abortion

Medical abortion – the safest and easiest form of termination

Abortion isn’t as critical as you think it to be. One should know how is it done using pill when you buy abortion pill online without prescription and home delivery. These abortion pills or mifegest kits are available for express delivery. There are few precautionary steps that should be stringently followed after you buy abortion pills for terminating pregnancy so that the procedure is completely safe and secure. Any Women normally would try to get safe home abortion which is cheap as well as safe. You can buy abortion pills or buy mtp kit online for medical abortion procedure which are far cheaper than surgical method or aspiration method.

Facts Of Medical Abortion

There are different ways to terminate pregnancy but not all are safe methods. Similarly, if we take Surgical abortion into consideration, women are more comfortable with home abortion methods which is self abortion using abortion pills rather than going for surgical abortion which may have a chance of rupturing the uterus while undergoing surgery and scraping.

In short, we will focus on how to accomplish a safe and effective abortion at home and which pills are used for medical abortion as well as how to tackle the side effects caused by this abortion process.. First-trimester abortion with mtp kits and abortion pills is considered the safest form of abortion as the embryo is only microscopic during this time and the body is in process of preparing the uterus to support the pregnancy in future. The vaginal bleeding caused during this time is a replica of menses.

Let’s talk about what are the different types of abortion

The different types of abortion that we know of are the surgical abortion, medical abortion, vacuum or aspiration abortion which is also a nonsurgical abortion method. Usually women across the globe try to search for safe abortion at home options and it is best if they can terminate unplanned and unwanted pregnancy with secrecy.

The biggest problem for surgical abortion is the cost involved for this method is high and it’s very difficult to locate the nearest abortion clinic. Hence now the preference for medical abortion using abortion pills is much higher.

Let’s discuss on how to terminate pregnancy with the early abortion pill.

1. Abortion at 6 weeks:

  • If you are at your 6 weeks of abortion period then you can terminate your pregnancy with the help of Misoprostol or Mifepristone pills with products like Mifeprex or Cytotec 200 mcg / Cytolog 200 mcg, as these pills work great till 7th week of pregnancy. You just have to ensure that your pregnancy is not ectopic.

2. Abortion at 8 weeks:

  • If you are pregnant for 8 weeks or higher then you should make sure that you take both the mifepristone and the misoprostol pills for the abortion and the best options are MTP Kit or Mifegest kit.  If you want to take only misoprostol pills then you need to take at least 12 Misoprostol pills for a successful abortion.

What are the available termination pills?

  • This is a generic question all women searching for abortion pills have in their mind, which is the best available abortion pill online? The best abortion pill available is Mifegest kit or MTP Kit and you can buy MTP KIT online at very low cost. You can easily get an abortion at 5 weeks with MTP abortion kit and beyond 5 weeks we recommend you to use 2 MTP kits back to back for successful abortion. The cost for an abortion in case of medical abortion is very low as the abortion pill prices have nominal prices.

Let us know about the side-effects of medical abortion and let us focus on the abortion pill facts and how to use them.

  • There are usually two types of pregnancy termination pills that are prescribed and sold for the purpose of terminating unplanned or unwanted pregnancy at an early stage in the first 3 months..
  • Mifepristone pill’s function is to stop the progesterone hormone that leads to the foetus detachment from uterus. The Misoprostol pills are then taken so that the cervix is dialated and then the embryo is expelled. Both the abortion pills usually are responsible for vaginal bleeding and stomach cramps

let us focus on how to tackle these side-effects.

  • Follow a strict diet after consuming the abortion pill as this is the key to heal fast from the medical abortion. You can consider them as the most effective home remedies of abortion where these help the abortion to complete faster. Drink ample water throughout the abortion process as your body will need the lost fluids. Eat healthy with protein and calcium-rich diet so that your diet should include lots of green veggies and lots of dairy products. Avoid oily, greasy, spicy and junk food for almost 10 days till your body completely recovers.
  • Avoid any laborous work-out for at least 2 weeks but after 4 days you can start with slow walking that should not last more than 30 minutes for each session. Only after 14 days, you can start with a moderate level of exercises as this is the time when your uterus is very weak so any strenuous activity can rupture your uterus and bleeding can increase.